Golden Isles Granite & Marble

Below you will find our current selection of stone slabs in stock.  These slabs can be viewed on our yard and hand selected for your counter tops.  Our pricing structure is also set forth below.  We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.  Please call with any questions you may have.



                                                                          Level One Slabs, Currently at 45.00 / Square Foot

                            ecologia.jpg (123122 bytes)                          giallo fiorito.jpg (185857 bytes)              Giallo Ornamental.jpg (165428 bytes)              new venitian gold.jpg (118938 bytes)              

                               Ecologia                                  Giallo Fiorito                          Giallo Ornamental                    New Venetian Gold         

                      venitian gold w movement.jpg (130347 bytes)                    noche.jpg (79461 bytes)               santa cecilia.jpg (250075 bytes)              turkish light trav.jpg (78335 bytes)

               New Venetian Gold with Movement      Noche Travertine                          Santa Cecilia                   Turkish Light Travertine 


                                                                     Level 2 Slabs, Currently at 55.00 / Square Foot


                                                                                                cashmire gold.jpg (198583 bytes)

                                                                                                    Cashmere Gold


                                                                 Level 3 Slabs, Currently at 65.00 / Square Foot


                                arthur.jpg (175858 bytes)              crema bordeaux.jpg (135904 bytes)              golden beach.jpg (203233 bytes)              golden crystal.jpg (177639 bytes)

                                          Arthur                          Crema Bordeaux                Golden Beach                     Golden Crystal                         


                                                                            magna gold.jpg (151025 bytes)              sunshine blue.jpg (124519 bytes)

                                                                               Magna Gold                     Sunshine Blue